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In spite of all the new marketing techniques that have gained popularity in recent years, email is still one of the best ways of providing a call to action to potential customers and raising brand awareness. Crafting excellent content that people will want to read is only half of the battle, though. It is recipient data that will be the truly pivotal factor in your email marketing success – it would be better to have a list of 30 brand-loyal individuals than 3,000 uninterested ones!

Incentivising participants with competitions advertised through social media, Thunderbolt has been able to capture the details of loyal brand advocates for our clients, as well as using follow-up campaigns to keep them coming back for more.

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As part of Thunderbolt’s email marketing service, we will:

  • Come up with regular ideas for email campaign topics, based on company goings-on, calendar events, promotion of particular products, and similar
  • Create a bespoke email template for your business, which can be used to provide continuity across the whole email campaign
  • Draft content and source images for each individual mail shot
  • Test each email before sending it out
  • Monitor email open rates and click-throughs

Our campaigns regularly get open rates of over 50%, far above the industry average. To hear all about the ROI we can offer your business through email marketing, get in touch with our team today.

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