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Supporting local businesses

Thunderbolt recently ran a seminar in partnership with Waverley Borough Council’s economic growth department for over 50 companies titled ‘Why 2021 Is The Year To Do Something Different Online’ It was a very successful seminar which benefited multiple local businesses. In the seminar, there was an opportunity for Thunderbolt to provide 3 months worth of marketing for a local business, the draw being undertaken by Waverley Borough Councils economic team.

The successful winner of this competition was the Hogs Back Brewery in Farnham near Guildford.. although the brewery has their own marketing team they were keen to receive any additional advice on how to better their paid advertising campaigns.

Building a successful campaign

We gathered our team of expert marketeers and began work. Firstly, it was important for us to understand exactly who the target audience was and how best to target them. In order to do this, we profiled Hogs Back Brewery’s customer demographics and generated a number of personas to reflect the main target audience for the Brewery Tours. We conducted keyword research and created a digital marketing strategy that would bring in the best return on advertising spend for the Hogs Back Brewery.

Previously, the Hogs Back Brewery had a SMART campaign set up, however from experience we have seen that these campaigns often do not allow much control to the campaign and the way the budget is spent. Due to this we made the decision to create a search campaign specifically for the Brewery Tours, a decision that made a noticeable difference.

The results

The campaign was a great success, achieving 1,250 clicks through to the website from 2,260 impressions over the 3 months of the campaign, resulting in an approximate 783% return on investment.

Jonathon Summers-Mileman, Marketing Assistant at Hogs Back was extremely pleased with the results and said “Through monitoring of the campaign and adjusting through learnings, we recorded 112 transactions for tours bookings, guaranteeing us a fully packed summer of tour visitors from their recommencing.”

As well as being pleased with the results Jonathon was pleased with the services they received, which is reflected in the following statement “In addition we were offered regular one-to-one marketing support and advice as we looked to expand on our Google advertising campaigns and felt confident of going forward on our own to manage this. Thank you Thunderbolt for your support.”

Erin Rorie the Senior Account Manager here at Thunderbolt said “ We were delighted to be working with the Hogs Back Brewery as well as The Whisky Baron to achieve optimum results within the lifestyle industry”

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