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What BCA needed

BCA was looking for a new partner to help them with their marketing for both internal and external clients, and needed an agency that could provide them with universal ideas that could be easily translated into other languages for their overseas branches. One campaign BCA particularly needed help with was their upcoming Christmas message; usually customers would be sent Christmas cards, but BCA were looking for a cheaper alternative so that any saved money could be donated to their local charity of choice, BEN (the automotive industry charity).

How we helped

Our team immediately started brainstorming ideas, and soon decided that a video sent to customers by email would be far cheaper and more unique than Christmas cards would be! Our designers created a 3D After Effects video that showed a Christmas tree decorated with baubles that featured BCA’s colours and branding, which would then turn to reveal the featured message. The beauty of this video was that copy could be edited in and out of the baubles, making the video really easy to translate into other languages, just as BCA required.

Video Creation

Thunderbolt also created a whiteboard video to help announce the company’s new app for car appraisal; an annual general meeting was to be held and the app would be revealed, but BCA wanted a way to explain things quickly without the tedium of a PowerPoint presentation. Like the After Effects video, the whiteboard video was positively received and translated into Portuguese and Spanish to help spread the message to other European branches.

Email marketing

Our team also refreshed the templates used for BCA’s email marketing, and helped create new concept designs for auction houses, which BCA representatives claim have helped bring “a bit of retail into wholesale”.

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