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How Thunderbolt supports NBC

Initially, Thunderbolt’s full-service digital agency provided a branding workshop and website design to articulate a clear point of difference for NBC Construction in a competitive market. NBC Construction’s website now provides a better customer experience for their new target audiences, helping users to find the information they need. When Thunderbolt completed NBC Construction’s brand and website redesign, the website immediately had a 19% increase in website traffic.

As a Surrey marketing agency, we know that websites are only one part of online marketing and so we consistently deliver qualified leads to NBC Construction through our SEO strategy. In January 2021, NBC Construction received over 150% more calls than average (based on the previous six months) and website traffic has increased by 35% compared to the previous month.

Andre Collier, Managing Director of NBC Construction says, “Thunderbolt helps us secure organic business growth, get the right market presence, and keep our business at the forefront of people’s minds. The Thunderbolt team is really good at web design and SEO.”

Branding workshop

To improve NBC Construction’s online presence, our Brand Strategist, Brooke, completed in-depth research on the business. She saw an opportunity to take NBC Construction to the next level with a new target audience. Thunderbolt identified the need to update the company’s website – both in terms of structure and content, to make it motivating to their new target audiences.

In order to achieve this, Brooke held a strategic brand workshop with NBC Construction. The purpose of the workshop was to step back and review the brand’s current messaging, redefine the brand and assess how the website could be improved. Brooke started with a deep dive into the current messaging, as well as the tone of voice. Her recommendations were summarised in a powerful one-page brand manifesto for the client which articulated the key points of difference.

Andre says, “The branding exercise really helped to consistently draw in qualified leads. Brooke is a wizard!”

Web design

Following the brand workshop, our in-house designer, Henry, updated the website visuals. Thunderbolt’s marketing and copywriting team updated the website with new content to reflect the brand manifesto. Our SEO experts then made sure the content included the right keywords to aid the client’s search engine ranking and visibility.

Since Thunderbolt completed the company’s brand and website redesign, NBC Construction has had a significant increase in website traffic, 20% of which is from new users. The bounce rate has decreased, proving that the new content is suited to their new target audiences. Furthermore, the session duration has remained high and consistent, even with 15% more sessions.

SEO strategy

SEO STRATEGY When Thunderbolt implemented its SEO strategy for NBC Construction, 11 of the top performing keywords rose to the top spot across multiple search engines (Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo, Bing). Within the first month of their new website launching, NBC doubled the amount of leads that they had received the month before. With a steady increase of qualified leads, NBC Construction has had the freedom to grow the business. They now focus on larger, more complex projects that provide a higher income.

Andre says, “We’re now targeting the right kind of people as a construction company rather than a building firm. Having an online presence has been vital as we grow the business and during lockdown. Despite many new businesses in our industry, Thunderbolt’s SEO strategy has helped us to maintain our top spot on multiple search engines.”

In January 2021, due to Thunderbolt’s SEO strategy, NBC Construction received over 150% more calls than average (based on the previous six months). The same month, NBC Construction’s SEO ranking increased for the core keywords with the highest website traffic. As a result, website traffic has increased by 35% compared to the previous month.

Andre reflects, “Improving our SEO was a long game but with Thunderbolt’s help we are now top of Google’s search results for our keywords. The whole team is great, I am thankful for their input.”

Our Surrey marketing agency took NBC Construction’s brand (which was already performing well), and provided the boost the business needed to redefine their brand and significantly improve their results without the costs of a London-based digital agency.

Andre says, “It’s great that Thunderbolt is a local Surrey business. I can easily pop into their office for a face-to-face meeting about ideas and results. Thunderbolt is an extension to our business.”

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